Alice Springs Anglican Church

Day 10

For the nations

Northern Territory Government Agencies staff & clients

We thank you for the precious waters of the earth, from the mirror stillness of a lake to
the turbulence of a mighty flood, from their crystal clarity
to their murky depths.

For the church

NT Diocese:

  • The Parish at Nightcliff: St Peter’s Church:
      – Rev’d Joshua Kuswadi Rector
      – Rev’d Bruce Chapman, Youth/ Safe Minister

    Pray for this parish as we put our Five Year plan into practice through every aspect of our church life.

    Diocesan Office Darwin:

  • Leeanne Zamagias, Registrar
      – Jan Hemphill, Bishop’s Secretary
      – Kate Beer, Ministry Development Officer.

    Property & Finance Committee:

  • Chris Nathanael, Diana Leeder, Keith Stephens, 
Richard Hart.

    The Diocesan Council:

  • Bishop Greg Anderson, Chancellor, Max Horton, Rev’d Jenni Weeks, Rev’d Kate Beer, Bronwyn Russell, Rev’d Joshua Kuswadi, Richard Hart and Violet Huddlestone.

    Diocese of Rockhampton:

  • Bishop David Robinson.
  • Licensed lay ministers who preach the Word

    Church Missionary Society in Australia:

  • Peter Rogers, Fed. Secretary
  • Mission Personnel Secretary for the 
 NT/Asian region
  • State Secretary: David Williams, SA/NT,
  • Nungalinya CMS supported staff, Terry and Liz 
 McCoy with Wayne and Mandy Oldfield.

    Alice Springs Presbyterian:

  • Pastor Keith Bell.

    For those in need

  • Children in distressed circumstances and their families & carers
  • Those whose addictions destroy their own lives and often the lives of those around them and the yet to be born.

    For ourselves and our community

  • Those who count the weekly offering.
  • Those who work and reside in the Alice Springs suburb of Connellan.