Alice Springs Anglican Church

Day 12


For the nations

  • The Nations of South America:
  • for government stability and the ceasing of the drug trade and associated violence.

    Help us to find joy in the glorious songs of birds and the immense variety of insects. We give thanks for the part they play in the spreading of seeds and the fertilization of flowers.

    For the church

    NT Diocese:
    The Parish at Palmerston: St. Luke’s Church: (vacant)

  • Pray for spirituality in the community and for growth of the Church. Encourage health in physical and spiritual ways for the community as a whole.

    Diocese of Grafton:

  • Bishop Sarah Macneil, clergy and people.

    The General Synod and the Standing Committee: Primate: Archbishop Philip Freier,
    – Anne Hywood, General Secretary and staff of the General Synod Office.

    Alice Springs Salvation Army, Michael and Elizabeth Johnson, officers, Isobel Thomas (officer–elect).

    For those in need

  • Businesses struggling or already in receivership – owners and staff adversely affected.

    For ourselves and our community

    In your eyes Lord, we are one. Help us not to see colour, race or creed but to see you Lord, in each person created by you to be accepted and loved.

  • Those who provide and arrange the flowers in church.
  • Those who work and reside in the Alice Springs suburb of Gillen.
  • For all schools and those who support children to attend.