Alice Springs Anglican Church

Day 13

For the nations

The Asian Nations to our far north.
That our trade in livestock and minerals will be fair to all stakeholders.

We pray for your blessing on the environment of our own making, for town and countryside, buildings and fields. We give thanks for the ingenuity and artistry of engineers and architects.

For the church

NT Diocese:

  • The Parish at Sanderson: St James’ Church
  • Rector: Jenni Weekes
      – Hon. Deacon:Rev’d Rob Weekes
      Praise the Lord for his grace and love for all people. May St. James Parish grow in that love and have an exciting relationship with God.

    Ministry to the Aboriginal People of Australia:

  • Aboriginal Bishop: Chris McLeod
      – NATSIAC Chair: Gloria Shipp
      Praying for the ongoing ministry of reconciliation between all Australians.

    Darwin Hospital Chaplaincy:

  • Chaplain: Rev’d John Hewitson
      – Keith Williams and those of the community who care enough to visit at Royal Darwin Hospital.
  • For the sick and dying and their families.

    Alice Springs Seventh Day Adventist & Prison Chaplain:

  • Geoff Crabtree.

    For those in need

  • The unemployed and those agencies who seek to help a transition to work happen.

    For ourselves and our community

  • Those who attend to the Church of the Ascension garden and grounds.

    MacDonnell Shire:

  • Its communities and Boards of Management.

    We ask you to help the people of Australia to listen to the first people and respect that place and culture.