Alice Springs Anglican Church

Day 14

For the nations

  • Those countries in economic peril
  • Namatjira Electorate:
    The Hon Alison Anderson MLA.

    Help us, who have more than enough, to live more simply, that others may simply live. As we borrow the earth from our children, may we not take more than we can return.

    For the church

    NT Diocese:

  • The Parish at Umbakumba – St Mary’s Church:
  • Hon. Priest: Colleen Mamarika
      – Hon Deacon and church leaders: Millie Mamarika,
      Lois Mamarika, Wanetta Durila, Jenny Bara Bara,
      Agnes Mamarika.

    Pray for Bible translators. Pray for growth in their Church.

    Ministry with Torres Strait Island People of Australia:

  • Bishop, Torres Strait: Saibo Mabo, Clergy and people.
  • Northern Territory Bible Teaching Camps, conventions, conferences, retreats and seminars throughout the year.

    Indigenous theological education in Central Australia.

  • Central Arrente people has given us the name Ntyethe. This word refers to the spectacular shower of sparks that comes from a campfire when it is disturbed, and symbolises the way the light of Jesus Christ spreads and comes alive in people as they are touched by God’s Spirit. – Pitjantjatjara translation – Waru Tiitiilarara).

    For those in need

  • A change of heart for those who oppress and abuse others.

    For ourselves and our community

  • Recognizing that respect for indigenous knowledge, cultures and traditional practices contributes to best stewardship of peoples and the environment.
  • Parish Councils:
    Those responsible for property management.

  • Those who work and reside in the Alice Springs suburb of The Gap.