Alice Springs Anglican Church

Day 15

For the nations

  • Those nations whose wealth makes them complacent and those nations whose poverty makes them vulnerable.

    We thank you for the lights of the natural world and for the lights of human ingenuity. May we continue to see the stars, and wonder at our place in the vastness of the universe.

    For the church

    NT Diocese:

  • The Parish at Tennant Creek: Church of the Holy Name:
    • – Church Warden: Dorothy Hardaker and parishioners.

    Thank God for the faithful witness of this small group. Praise for cooperative ministries at Tennant Creek with Lutherans (Pastor Ken Schultz) and the Uniting Church (Rev. Peter Wait).

  • Pray for the cooperative ministry at Yulara with Catholic and Uniting Church clergy.

    The Diocese of Melbourne:

  • Primate Archbishop Philip Freier,
  • – Regional Bishops Philip Huggins, Paul White and Genevieve Blackwell, clergy and people.

    For those in need

  • The homeless and destitute and the agencies who offer support.

    For ourselves and our community

  • Those who clean the Church Buildings.

    Kormilda College:

    • – Helen Spiers, Principal

    • – Margaret Black (Chaplain), 

    • – Religious Education/RAVE, 

    • – The Board, Staff and Students

  • Ensure that where historical injustices have occurred between races – that they are not perpetuated; but instead, that communities constantly work to heal and be reconciled.