Alice Springs Anglican Church

Day 19

For the nations

We praise you for the animals of the earth and for all domestic animals.

We ask for your blessing on the animals in our care, giving thanks for their simplicity and companionship.

For the church

NT Diocese:

  • The Parish at Darwin: Christ Church Cathedral
  • Dean, Rev’d Keith Joseph
      – Revd Pat Williams (Keith)
      – Hon. Associate Priests:
 Rev’d Mike Nixon and Rev’d John Hewitson

    That this Cathedral will be a place where diverse people get a taste of the abundant life that our faith offers.

    The Diocese of Perth:

  • Archbishop Roger Herft
    – Assistant Bishops Tom Wilmot, Kate Wilmont,
    Jeremy James, clergy and people.

    NT Diocese:
    Ministry Development Team:
    Pray for the team preparing the Bishop’s Award Programme, Indigenous Clergy and Church worker training and other support ministry.

    Cursillo in the Diocese and Cursillistas in the parishes.

    For those in need

  • For minority groups in the community, and those a long way from home.

    For ourselves and our community

  • For the Verger/Sacristan and all who assist in preparing for Sunday Worship.
  • Those involved in promoting good health.

    Give us the courage to repent, forgive and accept the realities of our history so that we may build a better future for our nation.