Alice Springs Anglican Church

Day 20

For the nations

We pray for guidance in the global economy. Help us to support the principles of fair trade and to practise it in our daily lives.

For the church

NT Diocese:
The Parish at Nightcliff: St Peter’s Church:

  • Rector: Rev’d Joshua Kuswadi
      – Hon Deacon, Annette Bailey
      – Diocesan Youth Minister, Bruce Chapman

    The Diocese of Riverina:

  • Bishop Rob Gillion.

    Prison Chaplaincy:

  • Geoff Crabtree, Coordinating Chaplain

    Ministry to the Barkly Work Camp in Tennant Creek

  • Pastor Ken Schultz, Rev’d Peter Wait
    and Rev’d Brian Jeffries.

    For those in need

  • The aged, those suffering dementia and for their carers and those who advocate for them.
  • Pray for an end to any and all racial discrimination.

    For ourselves and our community

  • Alice Springs Show & those parish folk who staff the annual parish stall.
  • Those who work and reside in the Alice Springs suburb of Gillen, Mount Johns and Undoolya
  • For Parish Study and fellowship groups
  • Yipirinya School
      – Yipirinya is an indigenous school in Alice Springs offering two-way (bilingual and bicultural) education helping to keep indigenous culture alive.
  • Yirara College
      – Yirara College, a culturally diverse community, strives to develop living skills, worldviews
      and Christian faith, enabling people to respect and live-out their spiritual and cultural diversities.