Alice Springs Anglican Church

Day 3

For the nations

For the many nations in Africa:

  • For peace and absence of greed.

    May the expanse of the seas and the fury of the waves
    speak to us of your creative power.
    In your mercy protect all who work and travel on the sea
    and preserve the teeming life of coral reef and ocean depth.

    For the church

    The NT Diocese:

  • The Parish at Angurugu:

      – St Andrew’s Church with St. Mark’s, Bickerton Island.
      – Hon. Priest Colleen Mamarika with Deacons Millie
      Mamarika and Gayangwa Lalara.

    Continue to encourage more men and women into the ministry.

    Diocese of Armidale:

  • Bishop Rick Lewers, the clergy and people

    Church of the Ascension:

  • People’s Wardens: Warwick Marsh and David Bird.
  • Lay Ministers: who assist in ministry at White Gate Community

    Alice Springs Uniting Church:

  • Minister Dr Steve Bevis

    For those in need

  • For all who help in providing meals for Purple House Dialysis unit.
  • For those grieving loss of family.

    For ourselves and our community

  • Those who assist as servers in the sanctuary.
  • Those who work and reside in the Alice Springs suburb of Ciccone
  • Christian Schools in Alice Springs.

    Anglicare NT

  • Board Members: Bishop Greg Anderson, Richard Giles (Chair), Greg Buxton, Mung Li Chee, Janie Mason, Howard Bath, Keith Joseph, Leeanne Zamagias
  • CEO David Pugh and staff.
  • All clients throughout Northern Territory

    We pray for Anglicare NT as it works in partnership with the community, families & individuals to promote the enrichment of relationships, fullness of life, social justice for all.

    We pray for Alice Springs Regional Operations Manager, clients and staff and the Anglicare Chaplain, Brian Jeffries.