Alice Springs Anglican Church

Day 7

For the nations

  • That trade union agreements and industry accords will lift the poor and provide opportunities for generosity.

    Grant us wisdom and restraint in our spending and consumption; grant us inspiration in the re-use and recycling of resources.

    For the church

    NT Diocese:

  • The Parish at Katherine: St. Paul’s Church (vacant):
    – Priests Rev’d Tavis Beer (CMS), Rev’d Kate Beer,
    Rev’d Glenys Hannah (Hon. Deacon), and Jenny Brandon, (Hon. Deacon).

  • The community Churches of Pine Creek, Mataranka and Timber Creek congregations.
    Pray for the members of this parish as they seek to enrich the lives of those spread across the Roper Region and grant them safe travel.

    The Diocese of Brisbane:
    – Archbishop: Phillip Aspinall
    – Regional Bishops: Jonathon Holland, Geoff Smith, Alison Taylor and Cameron Venables
    – Clergy and people.

    For the parish of Victor Harbor, Alex Bainton, parish priest in their support of our Alice Springs outreach ministries

    Alice Springs Christian Revival Centre: Ben Matson, Pastor

    For those In need

  • Those disabled by physical and health limitations.
  • Prison Chaplaincy : Correctional Centre Alice Springs.

    Pray that Anglicare Chaplain, Geoff Crabtree’s direct contact with prisoners will enable and equip them for life after prison.

    For ourselves and our community

  • Those who prepare and operate the Power Point presentations for worship.
  • Those who work and reside in the Alice Springs suburb of Stuart.
  • Those who provide and serve morning tea at worship services.
  • Seasonal workers and backpackers,